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What Does a Solution Designer Do?

The Solution Designer role primarily is to take high-level customer/business requirements and translate them into cost-effective technical, functional, and operational design specifications and work with the solutions all the way through into post-go-live. Liaise with...

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How to Avoid Developer Burnout (8 Simple Tips)

Is your work stress causing you to feel helpless and completely exhausted both mentally and physically? This may be the sign that you are facing Burnout. According to the Help Guide, Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive...

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5 Top Tech Summits In Q4 2021

As a software engineer or developer, you might have heard about Tech Summits every now and then. So, What Are These Tech Summits, and why are they important for you to grow professionally? We will take a look at this. Stay tuned with us...

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How to BEAT Developer Imposter Syndrome?

Do you FEEL like you are working in the Wrong Industry? Or maybe feel like a Fake Developer because you are Not an Expert as your coworkers are, and you are Stuck when you can't understand the codes written by other developers and can't understand half of the...

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Win That Job Before Interview

As we all know, an interview can be one of the most intimidating things you do when looking for a new job. Before getting to an interview, you need to have a resume to talk for you. However, resume writing is a skill you can delegate to...

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