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Successful Solution Design Process Steps

A solution design process is a structured way of solving problems in software development. It involves breaking down a project into smaller sections and creating milestones to evaluate progress made.  If followed correctly, a solution design process leaves clear...

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Career Path to Software Solution Designer Role

So what is the career path for a software solution designer? What are the steps you must go through in order to be considered a solution designer role? From my own experience and after talking with many solution designers, the main factor here is experience since...

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Be More Productive, Be More Succesful

If I were, to sum up, this post in one phrase, it would be "do the job." However, the work isn't as easy as it seems. We all know we'd be more effective if we just did what we're supposed to do, but a number of factors, such as laziness, lack of discipline, Facebook,...

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