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Career Path to Software Solution Designer Role

So what is the career path for a software solution designer? What are the steps you must go through in order to be considered a solution designer role? From my own experience and after talking with many solution designers, the main factor here is experience since...

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Be More Productive, Be More Succesful

If I were, to sum up, this post in one phrase, it would be "do the job." However, the work isn't as easy as it seems. We all know we'd be more effective if we just did what we're supposed to do, but a number of factors, such as laziness, lack of discipline, Facebook,...

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System Requirments

System requirements are features and functionalities that are used to create a software solution in practice. They can be functional and non-functional. Understanding the differences between functional and non-functional requirements helps deeply analyze project...

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System Goals Vs System Requirments

As a Solution Designer, the first thing to look at is the system's goals. When talking about goals, we are talking about the effect the system will have on the organisation. This effect can be almost anything, but it should be clear how this will affect the...

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What Does a Solution Designer Do?

The Solution Designer role primarily is to take high-level customer/business requirements and translate them into cost-effective technical, functional, and operational design specifications and work with the solutions all the way through into post-go-live. Liaise with...

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