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Top Tech Summits of 2021

As a software engineer or developer, you might have heard about Tech Summits every now and then. So, What Are These Tech Summits, and why are they important for you to grow professionally? We will take a look at this. Stay tuned with us until the end of this video. Tech summits are an important part of the tech industry. They offer fantastic opportunities to tech aspirants to know about recent tech developments and make connections.

Here are a few reasons Why Every Tech Aspirant Should Attend Tech Summits.

  • Opportunity to learn from industry experts as well as peers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Enhancement in skills required to advance in the industry
  • Opportunity to meet investors
  • Foster new outlook

These tech summits help software engineers and developers a lot in their careers. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to The 5 Top Tech Summits in the 4th Quarter of the year.

5- AWS Summit 

The AWS Summit is two days, Online Free Summit for everyone across the world. It has brought together the Cloud Community from across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

This summit provides a great opportunity to hear from the industry’s famous leaders, experts and speakers.

The attendees will have an amazing experience attending Q&A Sessions, Hands-on Practices, Educational Sessions, and even One-On-One Interaction With Experts. The actual event, this year, was held from September 28th to September 29th, which is available On-Demand for IT professionals across the world. The beauty of this event is that not only it is available in English but also in other different languages.

The whole summit expands over two days.

  • DAY 1 is Builder’s Day for developers and technologists to learn about exciting new innovations in cloud computing.
  • DAY 2 is Innovation Day for leaders looking for inspiration, knowledge and ideas to grow their businesses.

Along with these, AWS Summit is an amalgamation of new and exciting activities

and agendas.

4- IT Arena

This year IT Arena came back as a Hybrid event, having both Online and Offline programs. This summit is going to be held from October 7th To October 9th this year, in Lviv, Ukraine. It has everything covered in its Conference Tracks. Here is some insight into them;

  1. The Startup Track is for Tech Entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, find investors and discover growth hacks.
  2. The Business Track places its focus on Global Marketing, Business Strategies and Product Development.
  3. The Product Track is all about how to get your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Go-To-Market Product in a shorter period.
  4. The Technology Track is a great opportunity to learn how to improve your Solution Architecture and get an insight into new AI and Robotics developments.

This three-day event has come with many domains to help you remain a step ahead of your peers. IT Arena has gathered 88 Outstanding Speakers from around the globe, each being an expert in their domain. 

Along with all these incredible things, IT Arena is also hosting a Competition of Eastern Europe Startups at their early stage. In which, the winning startup will get a considerable Prize, Investment Opportunities, and Global Media Attention as well.

The Online part of the Summit is a great opportunity for those who cannot attend the offline summit due to travel restrictions. The Online summit consists of 

  • the streaming of;
    • All Conference Tracks
    • Startup Alley
    • Startup Competitions Semi-finals
    • Speaker’s Presentations
    • Conference Videos
  • B2B matchmaking

The Offline summit will also follow with afterparties. In a nutshell, this summit is going to be an exciting event of the year. 

3- Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next, this year, is going to be held From October 12th till October 14th. The three-day event is going to an Online summit. This is one of the hottest events of the year held under the umbrella of tech giant Google. This event is being conducted by Google Executives, each having expertise in their domain, teaching you the latest tech actions, advancements and much more. Google Cloud Next is providing the attendees with On-Demand interactive sessions and Online Experiences that match their interests and skills.

You will be able to learn a lot about different topics and improve your skills according to the needs of the new era of technology. Some of the things you will learn in Google Cloud Next can be listed as;

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Application development
  • Application Modernization
  • Business Application Platform
  • Data Analytics
  • Databases
  • Google Workspace
  • Industry Transformation
  • Infrastructure, and much more along with these.

This summit is offering big opportunities to Connect With Experts, Learn From Big Companies all around the world, and Expand Your Digital Horizon.

2- World Summit AI

The World Summit AI is taking place in Beurs Van Berlage, Amsterdam, and Online from October 13th till October 14th. This year, on the 5th Anniversary of World Summit AI, three super brands, World Summit AI, Intelligent Health, and Tminus30, are getting together to bring us the ‘’Super Summit’’ of the year.

This event is the all-in-one place for AI And Machine Learning. There will be a lot of different things you can expect including;

  • Plenary Sessions will be live and streamed to the platform featuring mind-blowing and amazing speakers.
  • Table-Talks having a Board-room meeting style. These will enable you to find peer-to-peer solutions.
  • Masterclass Sessions will be the sessions given to small groups of people by the world’s leading experts offline and online as well. 
  • Workshops are the greatest opportunity to learn from experts using hands-on practices.
  • Curated 121 Meetings are AI-Powered offline and online meetings.

 and many more exciting events.

All of this will be with the participation of CEOs, CTOs, Heads of AIs, Scientists, Technologists, Academics, Startups, and Investors from around the globe.

This summit is going to be full of Networking, Learning and Entertainment Opportunities.

1- Web Summit

Web Summit, according to Forbes, is The Best Technology Conference On The Planet. This is the largest summit held every year, having Over 70,000 Attendees. This year, Web Summit is going to take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from November 1st till November 4th

This event is the most happening summit of the year. You will get to listen to 300 Plus Speakers from around the globe and learn new and exciting things about AI And Machine Learning

In this stage of uncertainty in businesses due to the pandemic, Web Summit has gathered the CEOs of the world’s largest companies, Policy Makers, Leaders, and Heads of State to get the answer to a Simple Question; Where To Next? Their discussions and conclusions will help you decide how to mould your businesses, startups and ideas according to the new requirements of the Tech Industry.

This summit is an amazing opportunity for networking and making connections with the experts of the industry. The event will also continue with a lot of Discussions, Workshops, and Competitions.

Now, we have shared with you the Top Tech Summits that are coming up in the 4th Quarter Of the year. No matter which summit you attend either as a Tech Student, Developer, Software Engineer, or Professional, you are going to come out with a lot of Knowledge and Professional and Personal Growth. Every conference will help you stay ahead of others in the field, both in the Technical and Soft Skills aspects. Your interaction with like-minded people and connections within the industry will take you far.

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